Kobe Bryant Cheating Scandal Leaked by Basketball Wives

December 19, 2011 By:
Kobe Bryant Cheating Scandal Leaked by Basketball Wives

Kobe Bryant must've really screwed up, because his wife has stood by his side for a lot of scandal. But apparently, a straw broke the camel's back and the two are now in the middle of a messy divorce.

I don’t know what could be worse than your husband settling in a sexual assault allegation...I would think after weathering that, you're pretty much in for the long haul. But I guess we all have our limits.

Anyway, it turns out the basketball wives of the NBA blew the lid off Kobe Bryant's cheating, and the whole thing led to his wife, Vanessa Bryant, filing for divorce.

"Our sources say Kobe's teammates were blabbing to their women about the superstar's exploits ... and those women in turn gave Vanessa the heads up. We're told talk of Kobe's exploits lately increased in frequency."

Is it just coincidence that this news comes after Kim Kardashian announced she's still open to getting married again? Hmmm…things to ponder…

According to sources, NBA players swear their wives to secrecy before talking about their peers, but apparently, that secrecy isn't always kept. The source says the women blab about all the other guys in the league, and it's really an attempt to ensure they will also find out if their man ever cheats.

The sources add that Vanessa has caught Kobe cheating with "multiple women" through the years, but this latest affair set her over the edge and prompted her to finally end the marriage.

Also interesting is the fact that the couple doesn't have a prenup, and Vanessa is entitled to half of Kobe's empire. That amount totals to about $140 million.