Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Reconcile for Valentine’s Day?

February 15, 2012 By:
Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Reconcile for Valentine’s Day?

Of all the estranged celebrity couples to get back together, these two? I mean, I was hoping for Courtney and David, Katy and Russell, Donnie and Marie…

Oh, Donny and Marie are siblings? Wow, ok.

Anyway, Kobe Bryant was photographed kissing his estranged wife Vanessa Bryant during a Laker’s game last night. Vanessa showed up for the game against the Atlanta Hawks, and the two shared a kiss in the tunnel on the way into the locker room.

Vanessa filed for divorce in December, and the two have already agreed upon a property settlement. Basically, she gets everything. All three of their Newport Beach estates, reportedly worth $18.8 million.

At the time of Vanessa’s filing, a source told TMZ, “don’t be surprised if she goes back to Bryant.” The two have two daughters, ages 9 and 5.

Vanessa and Kobe reportedly split over allegations of Kobe’s cheating.

"She's been dealing with these incidents for a long time and has been a faithful wife, but she's finally had enough," a source told TMZ at the time, adding, "This one is the straw that broke the camel's back."

The divorce will become final mid-June, but there’s still time to withdraw.

Kobe and Vanessa met in 1999 while on the set of his never-released music video. They began dating and got engaged in May 2000. Kobe was 21, and Vanessa was 17, a senior in high school.

Kobe’s parents never approved of the relationship, believing they were both too young to get married.