How Much Vanessa Bryant Won In Her Divorce From Kobe

January 20, 2012 By:
How Much Vanessa Bryant Won In Her Divorce From Kobe

Next time you're thinking of cheating, check out these pictures of Vanessa Bryant's massive mansion and ask yourself, "is she really that hot?"

Vanessa is scoring huge in her divorce settlement with Kobe Bryant. Sources connected to the couple say that the property settlement has just been signed, is a done deal, and Vanessa is definitely coming out the winner.

According to TMZ, she's walking away with a mansion worth $75 million, and that represents about half of Kobe's assets, which is estimated at about $150 million.


The couple had three mansions in Newport Beach, and Vanessa is walking away with all three of them. Yes, Kobe Bryant slept with three mansions worth of women.

Vanessa not only won the estate she and Kobe were living in, she also won the home her mom was living in, as well as a brand new estate that was under construction for two years and was just completed recently.

So Kobe is homeless now, right? Most likely sleeping under a bleacher at the Staples Center?

Meanwhile, reports recently surfaced that Kobe was trying to win his money Vanessa back.

TMZ reported that Kobe is devastated about losing Vanessa and is incredibly worried about the kids. Kobe's parents are also allegedly very upset about what's happened.

Newly single Vanessa was seen partying in Vegas on New Year's Eve. Lord knows she's got plenty of reason to celebrate. Vanessa had reservations at Surrender, where she had a VIP table with some of her female friends. Single? Check. Ready to mingle? Check!