Kirstie Alley: "I'm Almost a Size 6"

April 22, 2011 By:
Kirstie Alley:
Where did Kirstie Alley go? There's like, half of the Kirstie that originally started on Dancing With the Stars.

Once again, Kirstie Alley has dropped a ton of weight, going from a size 12 to nearly a 6 in just a few weeks. Damn, George Lopez. Talk sh-t about me so I have the motivation to work out that much.

"I started out in a size 12, then an 8, and then I think next week I'll be in a 6," Alley said after her performance Monday night. "The real size I want to be in is probably a 4 or a 6. That's where I look best."

Everyone looks their best at a size 4, but I gotta say, when Kirstie first started on DWTS and everyone was talking about her weight, my reaction was, "well, she's sixty." Now, it's like, "she's sixty?!" 

When Kirstie woman looks her best, she looks damn good.

Alley seems to lose and gain weight fairly easily. She went through another dramatic weight loss back in  2006. She'd been doing Jenny Craig for a couple of years and showed up on Oprah in a full on bikini.

Not long after, Kirstie went back to her original weight, saying: "When you're a spokesperson for a weight loss company ... somebody weighs you every week. It's pressure but it's good pressure. I do better if I have some pressure on me."

So maybe that was another reason for joining DWTS. With all eyes on her, Kirstie felt the pressure. And I'm sure the fall she took with Maksim Chmerkovskiy was inspiration for the treadmill, too.

Alley credits her weight loss to the "Organic Liaison" weight loss system, and may make another appearance on Oprah.