Kirstie Alley Fires Back at George Lopez

March 24, 2011 By:
Kirstie Alley Fires Back at George Lopez

Kirstie Alley is firing back at D-bag George Lopez for calling her a pig by...well...calling him a drunk pig.

One of Kirstie's followers tweeted, "I just called George Lopez a pig :)" to which Kristie replied back, "lol...a drunk pig...hehe."

Come on Kirstie, you could have thought of a better response than that! Lucky for her some women's groups are getting together and publicly bashing George for his disgusting comment.

"Lopez's comments were not only demeaning to Alley, who has been incredibly brave and open with her journey toward health, but they were very detrimental to women and girls everywhere," said Yana Walton, Vice President of Communications for watchdog group the Women’s Media Center.

"In a country where eating disorders are an epidemic, where advertising continually implies women are deeply deficient, where media places the majority of women's worth on their appearances, this is unacceptable."

I say lets do a dance off. Kirstie vs. George. And if they're not down with that, let's get both of them in the ring together. My money's on Kirstie!