Kirsten Dunst is Homeless

November 29, 2010 By:
Kirsten Dunst is Homeless

Whatever happened to Kirsten Dunst? She had such a promising career and then it all went away.

Kirsten enjoys being a slob kabob more than a working actress lately so it doesn't surprise me to hear she's pretty much homeless at this point.

“I live at my mom’s right now,” says Kirsten. “I don’t have a house in LA any more. It’s great. I live there and go out to my favorite Valley spots like Hugo’s Tacos, Artisan Cheese Gallery. Oh, it’s so good there!”

You can still enjoy "valley food" and have a house to go home to after! It's sad that she's this big actress but has to depend on her aging mother for a place to stay.

Get it together Kirsten, you're making Mischa Barton look good!