Kirsten Dunst Gets Restraining Order On her Stalker

December 1, 2008 By:
Kirsten Dunst Gets Restraining Order On her Stalker

Stalkers are definitely the new black. Everyone's got one! Including Kirsten Dunst. She just obtained a restraining order on Christopher Smith. The document reads:

"Mr. Smith has repeatedly shown up uninvited at my place of residence in Los Angeles, going so far as to ignore police warnings, bypass my personal security measures, trespass on my property, and attempt to gain entry into my home. Mr. Smith's sudden, aggressive, and harassing efforts to contact me are extremely frightening. I fear not only for my own personal safety, but also for the safety and well being of my housemate and assistant."

Kirsten's housemate and personal assistant, Elizabeth Donohue, performed a citizen's arrest when she discovered Smith on the property. Smith was then arrested by the police and placed in a 72-hour psychiatric hold.

After his arrest, Christopher issued the following statement to the police:
"I'm in love with Kirsten, so I went to her house. I connected with Kirsten spiritually. I felt like I connected with her and she connected with me. Now I don't know if she did. I guess you have to ask her if she connected."