Kirsten Dunst A Liar?

May 28, 2008 By:
Kirsten Dunst A Liar?

Yesterday, Kirsten Dunst spoke out for the very first time about the reason she checked herself into rehab. She said that she didn't have an alcohol or drug abuse problem but she was there to be treated for depression.

Well, Star
Magazine thinks that she is full of it. An "insider" says that Cirque Lodge doesn't usually treat patients that are only suffering from depression. Apparently, you must have some sort of dependency in order to go to the center.

"They would refer you somewhere else if it's just depression," the insider explains.

They might not treat "regular" patients but let's not forget this is Kirsten Dunst. They tend to alter the rules when it comes to celebrities so it is not surprising that they might have treated her for only depression.