Justin Long Spotted With Kirsten Dunst

July 16, 2008 By:
Justin Long Spotted With Kirsten Dunst

Justin Long and Drew Barrymore have only been apart for a couple weeks, but he may have found love already in Kirsten Dunst!

The two were spotted in Soho early this morning, walking hand-in-hand. The onlooker tells OK! that Justin's eyes were bloodshot, and Kiki was all over him and kept leaning in to kiss him.

It looks like Justin is spending a lot of his post-breakup time back east,
where he's from. He was spotted in his hometown of Fairfield, CT just last week at local watering hole Archie Moores, looking and acting upset over something. He was even heard yelling at someone on his cell phone.

Justin's quite the partier. We don't know if this is such a great match for
Kirsten, who just left rehab a couple months ago. We'll see what happens!