Kimora Lee Simmons Expands Los Angeles Home

May 2, 2009 By:
Kimora Lee Simmons Expands Los Angeles Home

While most people are struggling to pay the mortgage, Kimora Lee Simmons is buying up her neighbors property to expand her own home.

Kimora recently purchased a property close to Jessica Alba's posh pad and has been in the process of renovating.

At some point during renovations, she figured the house wouldn't be complete without a swimming pool, so she bought her neighbors tennis court and is planning on tearing it down to build a lavish pool.

A source tells WENN, "She has ripped down part of the hedge between her new place and her neighbors' home and she's digging up their tennis court so she can build a pool. She has basically bought the neighbors' yard."

Kimora embodies the 'rich and famous' lifestyle. She's loaded and she's not sorry about it! It's still unclear if her and her fiancé Djimon Hounsou are planning on moving into the new house, but it's always nice to have options.