Kim Richards Post Rehab: I Feel Really Good

February 24, 2012 By:
Kim Richards Post Rehab: I Feel Really Good

Kim Richards’ mental health was visibly breaking down on ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’, with her own sister and cast members addressing her issues and urging her to get help for her drug problem. So yeah, a few weeks in rehab should do the trick.

Richards says she’s already gotten the help she needs, and told People Magazine: “It was a rough go to get here, but I feel really good. I love life. I’m just enjoying it so much.”

Richards says that while it was ultimately her decision to enter rehab, she did rely on the help of her family and friends, including her sister Kyle Richards.

"I was definitely tired of the way my life was and I wanted to get better," Richards said. "My family and friends – without them I just definitely couldn't do it."

She also appreciates the support of her fans: "The fans have been so supportive," she said.

"I steal a sneak peek at Facebook or Twitter ... I look on there and I see them and they're like, 'We love you and you're the best' or whatever they say. And when I go places, too. I'm walking down the street and people walk up to me and they just hug me and they cry and they're like, 'We love you and we watched you go down and come back up.'"

While it’s been reported that the majority of the RHOBH cast will be returning to TV, Richards hasn’t commented on whether she was one of the lucky ones.