Why Kim Kardashian Has Finally Decided to Resurface

August 19, 2013 By:
Why Kim Kardashian Has Finally Decided to Resurface

Contrary to the popular beliefs closely held by tabloids everywhere, Kim Kardashian isn’t hiding out.

She’s just a new mom in love with her new mom responsibilities to daughter North West.

“She spends tons of time with her daughter and is just learning a lot,” a source close to the Kardashians told People magazine. “She didn’t know a lot about raising a baby before North was born, so this has been a great learning process. She’s so happy…She is smiling all the time. She just feels very safe and secure at home right now. She’s not in any sort of rush.”

Slowly, Kim has been seen around town in the least flashy ways possible, which is surprising. During a hospital visit, her and her boyfriend Kanye West were seen outside the facility with her baby in tow (covered up, of course) and most recently she shared a photo of herself (from the neck up, of course) with Instagram founder Kevin Systrom (on Instagram, of course).

Basically, what we’re to glean from this insider intel is that Kim’s not remaining under the radar because she doesn’t want anyone to see her post-baby body—she’s happy. This is all part of the master plan.

“All along she knew she wanted to take time off,” the source said. “She said she wanted to take a few months, and it hasn’t been that long yet.”