Why Kim & Kanye Won’t Sell Baby North West Photos

August 12, 2013 By:
Why Kim & Kanye Won’t Sell Baby North West Photos

Kanye West actually did it. He was able, somehow, to convince Kim Kardashian not to make a dollar off of something. In this case, to not sell their daughter North West’s baby photos.

That’s because baby North West is a rare diamond among celebrity newborns.

This according to insider sources, of course.

By way of TMZ, Kim and Kanye were supposedly offered a $3 million payday for the first exclusive portraits, but it’s been reported that they’ve already rejected it.

The couple was allegedly going to sell the photos and donate all the money to a charity, but for whatever reason, that idea didn’t stick.

Their new plan moving forward is to either release the photos to a fancy, respectable periodical like Vanity Fair, or to pull a page from the What to Expect When You’re Expecting Blue Ivy parenting book of Beyoncé and Jay Z and just casually release a photo on social media for the nation’s proletariat.