Why Kim K Weighs Herself 14 Times a Day

November 5, 2013 By:
Why Kim K Weighs Herself 14 Times a Day
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Kim Kardashian is obsessed with weight loss.

Kim has been vocal about her struggle to lose weight and apparently she’s taken it to the EXTREME!

A source told Yahoo omg!, "Kim has seven sets of weighing scales around her house and weighs herself on each one twice a day. Her weight loss has been her top priority and she's not stopping yet.”

In case you can’t do math, that means she steps on a scale 14 times a day.

Nearly every room in her house features a scale. She’s got museum quality scales, you guys!

"She has precision digital scales, eye-level scales, two top medical scales used in the most prestigious LA clinics, her old bathroom scales she's had for years and a couple of hand-painted, handmade scales which are artists' creations."

Now that the source has rattled off her ridiculous collection of scales, we don’t believe this story at all anymore. HAND-PAINTED SCALES?! 

Oh, and apparently Kim only LIKES some of the scales, whatever that means.

“Kim has her favorite scales and her most hated,” said the source.


“Her scales are central to her life,” added the insider.

Okay, this is just getting stupid now.