Why Kanye Won't Be There When Kim Gives Birth

January 29, 2013 By:
Why Kanye Won't Be There When Kim Gives Birth
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Uhh oh, is there trouble in paradise already? Kanye West reportedly won’t or can’t be in the delivery room when Kim Kardashian gives birth!

What could possibly keep him from witnessing the birth of his first child!?

He doesn’t like blood.

Wait, what?

“He's embarrassed about it, but Kanye has always fainted at the sight of blood,” a source told Closer magazine, “And he feels very squeamish at the thought of watching the birth. The truth is, Kanye is scared he'll just add to Kim's anxiety during labor.”

Kanye’s a wimp, you guys! Kanye “I made Jesus walk, so I’m never going to h*ll” West, is squeamish! Consider my mind, blown.

The source continues: “Emotionally, Kanye wants to be there for Kim throughout the labor, but he’s just not sure he’s up to it.”

Apparently Kim calls him a “wimp.”

“He suggested he could stick to pacing outside the delivery room.”

It’s not like Kim will have a lack of support at her bedside. She’ll probably have Kris and Bruce, Kourtney, Scott, Khloe, Lamar, Rob and those two younger Jenners, whats-their-faces Kendlie or Kyla Kendall and Kylie.

Or not, Kim reportedly only wants her mom and Kourtney and Khloe in the room with her, so she might not care that Kanye’s pacing in the hallway alone.