Was Kim Kardashian's Flour-Bomb a Publicity Stunt?

March 23, 2012 By:
Was Kim Kardashian's Flour-Bomb a Publicity Stunt?

Kim Kardashian was pelted with flour on a red carpet event last night. But was it a genuine moment, or just Kardashian ‘branding’?

Headlines have been relatively Kardashian-free lately, so when the K name made its way back into the news this morning after last night’s flour-bombing, many people thought it reeked of a PR stunt. And I’m not talking Hollywood people. I mean the general public.

As one commenter put it: “Kardashian probably staged it, paid the woman, and made it a publicity stunt like she did that wedding.”

It appears the Kardashians have worked so hard to turn themselves into a product that it’s hard to think that anything that happens to them is genuine.

First, there was the response. After it happened, Kardashian had a little quip on hand: “Like I said to my makeup artist, I wanted more powder and that's a whole lot of translucent powder right there."

If there was a tailor-made response for something like this, that would be it. It’s cute, it makes light of the situation, and it makes Kim look forgiving, graceful and even a little witty.

Kim also made sure to let the press know that she handled the whole thing with grace: “I’m fine. You have to laugh it off! I brushed off and came right back out.”

So she even made it a point to let us know what her official reaction.

Most of us would’ve at least had a few choice words for the flour assailant. But hey, maybe Kim really is just that calm and collected.

Kim K

The entire thing was also documented for their reality show, 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' and Kim even conveniently had a second outfit with her for the night. It's almost as if she expected to be flour bombed. #justsayin.

But on the other hand, Kris Jenner, who was at the event with Kim, responded: “If anybody comes at me with something, call security.” Which seems like a genuine response. It sounds like the trademark narcissism Kris is often criticized for.

Also, while it’s being reported that Kim and Kris were at a charity event, it was actually mostly an event to promote her new perfume. Kourtney K Tweeted: “Classy to flour bomb my sister at her charity event helping women.” But earlier that day, Kris Jenner Tweeted: “So excited for @KimKardashian True Reflection fragrance launch tonite!! Congrats Kimmy I'm so proud of you!! AND you smell amazing LOL!!!”

While the event did benefit non-profit organization Dress for Success, donating $110 for every ticket sold to the perfume launch, obviously, Kim still had a product to push.

Oh, and website TheSuperficial made another good point: “Notice how the flour bomber is behind the security rope and just waltzes right up to Kim.”

Is it really that easy to get behind the security rope? If so, what’s security there for?

There’s also the fact that this happened at a Kardashian-run event that they had full control over. Kim makes her rounds at plenty of other events, so why not one of those? I should also mention, the only video I can find of this is from E!

And another thing--the woman who flour bombed her walked away free. Kim didn't want to press charges? And didn't she bother to have the woman arrested for assault or disturbing the peace? Instead she just let her walk free. Why? **cough, cough, PR stunt**. This whole mess made Kim look like a victim and finally got her some sympathy.

Kim and her mom have been caught staging fake situations before, so what makes yesterdays event any different?

But what do you think? Is Kim the victim here, or is this just more Kardashian branding?