Twitter Battle Of Celebrity Bikini Bods - Who's Rockin' It

August 3, 2012 By:
Twitter Battle Of Celebrity Bikini Bods - Who's Rockin' It

In this edition of “who has the most self esteem” (or least, depending on how deep your “daddy issues” run), we’re rounding up the most obnoxious Twitter bikini photos from the week.

Disclaimer: Miley Cyrus is not technically in a bikini, since she’s showing off more midriff than a regulation high-school would allow, we’re still including her here. Also, people LOVE Miley Cyrus, so there’s that.

Kim Kardashian tweeted a mirror photo on Friday featuring herself in a bikini and writing “#nofilter #nophotoshop.”

She also wrote “Pool time” despite not standing anywhere near a pool. Tweeting a bikini photo while standing near a mirror is always obnoxious.


Miley also tweeted out a photo in a pair of jeans apparently labeled the “fiancé” jean, but that’s not even the most annoying part, she’s wearing what appears to be a child’s T-shirt because duh, Miley wants you all to know that she’s still going to Pilates as evidenced by her midriff baring top. We get it Miley, you have six-pack abs, we saw it the other ten million times you were photographed half naked!

On Wednesday, Paris Hilton tweeted out a picture of her and sis Nicky Hilton at someplace called Formentera, I can’t even bother to Google what or where that is, but it’s probably in the south of France, because Paris is posed in a bikini on what looks like a yacht or a small boat. However, it should be noted that every other person on the boat is fully clothed!

This time last summer LeAnn Rimes loved tweeting bikini pics, maybe she’s finally getting over it, oh wait, she hasn’t at all. She also tweeted a picture two days ago of herself in a bikini and drinking milk with a caption that read, “Join me & @GotMilk to support CA afterschool programs.”

Why do you need to wear a bikini to promote milk and afterschool programs!? You don’t!

Rihanna has been posting bikini photos for weeks now. Apparently she has taken up real estate on a yacht and is just drinking and smoking and tweeting photos in her bikini.

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