The Situation: Bigger Than Kim Kardashian?

September 15, 2010 By:
The Situation: Bigger Than Kim Kardashian?

Mike "The Situation" has an ego as big as the Garden State. The Jersey Shore star has risen to fame over the last couple of years, and he and his team think he’s the cream of the crop when it comes to reality stars.

In fact, the Situation’s manager believes he’s even a bigger deal than Kim Kardashian!

According to Us Magazine, it all went down over a deal The Situation was attempting to broker with an unknown client.

His manager was demanding a half a million dollars up front, and the broker declined, saying they wouldn’t even give that to Kim.

"His manager's words were: 'The Situation is much larger than Kim Kardashian,'" the source tattled. "We all laughed."

The insider says Mike has "gone Hollywood. He essentially believes he's the biggest star of the show,” speaking about Dancing With the Stars.

Mike said recently, "Right now, my genre is reality. And I think I'm at the top of my class.”

He’s better make his money now, because we all know it won’t last forever! Kim is probably laughing her way to the bank right about now…