The Best and Worst PR Moves of 2011

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The Best and Worst PR Moves of 2011

A lot of celebrity events went down in 2011: The Royal Wedding, The Kim Kardashian Wedding, J.Lo and Marc Anthony divorced, Miley Cyrus admits she's a stoner, to name a few. However, some events this year were really bad and got worse simply because they made some bad PR moves along the way. Other stars were lucky when they got out of a sticky situation or improved their brand because they handled the publicity well. Let's recap the best and worst PR damage control of 2011.

The Best PR Moves:

Beyonce Baby Bump: Simply by getting knocking up, that was a good PR move for Beyonce. While other stars may see a surge in popularity after announcing they are pregnant, Beyonce can literally do or say anything related to her pregnancy and it will immediately become the top tabloid news. Beyonce pats her belly! Beyonce eats pickles - must have crazy cravings! Beyonce stands near a microwave - is her fetus okay?! Also, it was perfectly timed. While no one can say that her album "4" wasn't good, it didn't sell nearly the kind of numbers as was expected for the star. Flash forward a few months and her belly is the only thing we're talking about and no one cares that her album sales weren't great.

Justin Timberlake goes to Marine Corps Ball: When Cpl. Kelsey De Santis invited Justin Timberlake to the annual Marine Corps Ball via youtube video, instead of Justin blowing it off claiming he had "prior engagements," Justin followed through and went to the ball as De Santis's date. He didn't even try to make jokes or turn it into the Justin Timberlake show, which is what happens everytime that guy hosts SNL. Justin later blogged about how honored he was to attend the event.

Justin Bieber and the Baby Momma Drama: While a paternity suit could have been disastrous to any male celebs career, Justin Bieber somehow managed to come out of that scandal nearly unscathed. When Mariah Yeater accused him of fathering her child, Bieber stood by his innocence the entire time, even voluntarily submitting himself to a DNA test to prove that the the kid aint his. The media continued to churn out rumors about Bieber and the golden child himself kept pimping out, I mean, promoting that damn Christmas album of his like nothing had happened.

Kim Kardshian

The Worst PR Moves:

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore Scandal: There's nothing you can do to "spin" a story when you're caught cheating and there are photos of you and the alleged mistress hanging out in a hotel room without your wife. At this point you've just got to keep your mouth shut or go open a dolphin orphanage or something. But good 'ole Ashton Kutcher had to go tweet about it, but instead of making a statement either way, he just tweeted super cyptic phrases that just made him look like an a-s. Tweeting things like "When you ASSUME to know that which you know nothing of, you make an A-S out of U and ME." And that's what happens when you let a celeb tweet for themselves, get a social media expert on that twitter feed and asap.

The Salahi's and Neal Schon Scandal: In case you've forgotten about the Salahi's and their crazy fame seeking antics, these are the people who once crashed a white house party and this year Michaele Salahi left her husband Tareq, faked her own kidnapping, and ran off with the guitarist from Journey, Neal Schon. Besides the fact that the Salahis seem to be acting as their own publicists, they have appeared on every entertainment news show that will have them (so "Access Hollywood," and that's it) and I swear they text TMZ and pretend to be their own sources. Basically two crazy people got a divorce and one of them happened to be cheating with a semi famous musician and somehow we kept hearing about this trainwreck for several weeks. Actually, based on their ability to even make "news," I should actually consider this one of the best PR move of 2011.

Kim Kardashian Divorce: Was Kim Kardashian's marriage fake? Real? Doomed? Whatever the case, we know the Kardashians are a family who have figured out how to manipulate their every move in order to cash in on a payday. Getting married in the years most lavish beauty pageant wedding and then divorcing 72 days later was the worst PR move ever. They should have known better, if they can turn a sex tape into a million dollar career, they know that a quickie divorce, or fake marriage or whatever it was was a bad idea.