Shanna Moakler Attacks Kim Kardashian

July 24, 2008 By:
Shanna Moakler Attacks Kim Kardashian

We're starting to think Shanna Moakler has some serious anger management issues. While at Carmen Electra's bbq this past weekend, Shanna verbally attacked (and threw her drink on) Kim Kardashian, accusing her of trying to sleep with Travis Barker. Um...wasn't that Paris?

In Shanna's words: "I saw her and she was standing next to Carmen (Electra) for her press op, of course. I thought I was going to be at this bbq with friends so when I saw her I simply had zero desire to be there. I was walking out but the sheer site of her makes me ill. I actually feel bad for Paris (Hilton). Okay, maybe not, but sort of. This girl totally uses her! I walked by her and just told her that she was lucky to be standing next to Carmen. I was trying to respect her (Carmen Electra) party but then the east coast came out of me and I threw my drink on her (Kim Kardashian). I decided I was tired of being the moral police! I went to grab my things and go when my girlfriend asked me where I was going. I just told her I absolutely didn’t want to be there if that whore was there."

Kim's beau Reggie Bush then stepped in and asked Shanna to watch her mouth. She basically stormed out of the party after they exchanged words.

No offense to Shanna, but Travis isn't exactly the sexiest guy around. He's borderline fug actually.

UPDATE: Both Kim and Shanna have released statements about the altercation.

Read Kim's statement HERE.

Read Shanna's statement HERE.