Rumor Control: Is Kim Kardashian Pregnant?

February 24, 2011 By:
Rumor Control: Is Kim Kardashian Pregnant?

Kim Kardashian has been gushing about her new man Kris Humphries telling the world he's absolutely perfect. Last month she tweeted a baby photo of Kris with a caption that read, 'I want my son to look like this."

We know things are super serious between the couple, but is Kim pregnant already?

Nope! And it won't be "anytime soon," Kim confessed to Extra. Adding, "But I never know what the future holds."??

If you believe the tabloid magazines Kim and Kourtney are already planning their double wedding and Kim has been pregnant and or engaged at least 15 times in the last six months.

What we do know for sure is that things are going smoothly with Kris. "I think I haven't found one thing wrong with him, let's just put it like that," she gushed.

So to put the rumors to rest, Kim isn't pregnant; Kim's not engaged; Kim's not secretly planning a double wedding with sister Kourtney.

But she is in talks to play a mob wife in the upcoming Gotti movie alongside John Travolta. First a single and now the big screen, what do you think of Kim's new projects?