Royal Wedding II: How Kim Kardashian Will Compare to Kate Middleton

June 3, 2011 By:
Royal Wedding II: How Kim Kardashian  Will Compare to Kate Middleton

Just when you thought wedding fever was over, another huge celebrity decides to tie the knot. And in the U.S., the name "Kardashian" might as translate to "of Wales".

There's no way this wedding will be small scale production. Like the Kardashian's family fortune, it's going to be massive.

Just like the Royal Wedding, Kim Kardashian's marriage to Kris Humphries will be broadcast on TV. And while there are obvious differences between this reality TV family and the Royals, their celebrity is nearly as big, and the public is just as interested.

So we're reviewing how Royal Wedding: Part 2 will compare to the original.

The Ring: Kris might have spent $2 million on Kim's ring, but Kate Middleton's was priceless. Prince William gave Kate his mother Diana's sapphire engagement ring. At 18 carats, it might not shine as brightly as Kim's 20-carat boulder, but the sentiment is classic. Sometimes, you don't need to wear a diamond mine.

The Dress: Rumors surfaced for weeks, and we finally found out Kate's dress was designed by the house of Alexander McQueen. The bridal beauty received rave reviews from both style commoners to the fashion elite—her dress was a hit. It was simple but beautiful—classic elegance mixed with slight sex appeal. That's just Kate's style. But for Kim, it's all about being sexy. But will she don her usual skintight look on her wedding day? She's rumored to have chosen Vera Wang to design her dress, and Vera is known for her sophisticated bridal collection, so maybe Kim will choose glamour over sex appeal.

The Guests: The Royals had everyone from dignitaries to diplomats to celebrities at their wedding. And while Kardashians' wedding list might lack politicians, it will make up for it in NBA stars. Rumored to be on Kardashian's preliminary guest list are Justin Bieber, Kelly Osbourne, Britney Gastineau and Christina Aguilera.

The Honeymoon: Will and Kate were speculated to be planning their honeymoon everywhere from Los Angeles to Africa. In the end, they settled for a relaxing island honeymoon in the Seychelles. Before news of her engagement, Kim revealed that she wouldn't mind taking a trip with Humphries to South Africa. She's been there twice, but never been on a safari, so maybe this is a good reason. One big way their honeymoon will differ from the royals', though, is the entire Kardashian clan will likely show up and the whole thing will be televised.

The Food: The Royals were sure to include an entire menu of foods no one could pronounce, so you know it was fancy. From Rhubarb Crème Brûlée Tartlets to Wild Mushroom and Celeriac Chausson, Queen Elizabeth made sure the Royal Wedding reception menu was extensive and delicious. So far, Kim is rumored to be paying homage to her roots by serving Armenian dishes at her reception, along with red velvet cupcakes. I will take all of the above, please!