Robin Williams Disses Kim Kardashian

May 8, 2013 By:
Robin Williams Disses Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian has been getting a TON of crap for wearing that floral printed carpet rug to the Met Ball on Monday night.

Some thought she looked like a couch. Others thought she looked like a rug, but Robin Williams is the only person who hit the nail on the head.

Robin posted a side-by-side of Kim K with a photo of himself dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire from the iconic man-dresses-as-woman-to-spend-time-with-his-kids film, Mrs. Doubtfire.

Robin dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire in one scene by wearing a head-to-toe floral dress suit and yes, it is hideous.

Robin simply wrote next to the photo, “I think I wore it better!”

Sad day when a middle-aged male comedian looks better in a floral print bodysuit than you do.

Whatever, Kim loved the dress, a source told Us Weekly, “She loved the dress just the way Riccardo designed it for her. His vision for her was a romantic Spanish theme with touches of boldness and punk.”

And while some “insiders” scoffed that designer Riccardo Tisci was pulling a horrible prank on Kim K by making her wear the thing, he defends his designs telling Woman’s Wear Daily, “I think she looked amazing. She was the most beautiful pregnant woman I dressed in my career.”