Report: Kanye West To Propose To Kim Kardashian With Mom's Jewels

July 24, 2012 By:
Report: Kanye West To Propose To Kim Kardashian With Mom's Jewels

Kanye West is reportedly plucking jewels from the collection that belonged to his late mother, for a-one-of-a-kind engagement ring for his still married girlfriend, Kim Kardashian.

Yep, it’s that serious.

West, a notorious good-to-his-mama’s boy, was devastated when he lost Donda in 2007 due to complications following a plastic surgery procedure.

According to RadarOnline, Kanye has since treasured all of Donda’s jewelry, many pieces of which were gifts from him, as keepsakes of her memory.

So obviously these gems mean something to the fashion forward rapper, which is exactly why some are begging him to reconsider his plans.

The naysayers are apparently predicting the end before the official beginning.

“His friends think it’s a terrible idea and are advising him not to give Kim the ring,” a source told Radar. “Because it’s a gift, it would be difficult for Kanye to ask for it back if they ever split up.”

“They’ve also reminded him that Kim is not somebody who works hard for her money. She makes millions doing reality shows and selling her image, and Donda’s jewelry shouldn’t be part of that image.”

But Kanye, handing over some diamonds and a ruby to a private jeweler, thinks he “has found a woman he respects and loves just as much as his mom, so he wants to share her jewelry collection with Kim.”

Like or hate the collective that has become Kimye, and regardless of whether its ultimately a bad idea, it’s a pretty endearing gesture on his part.

The only problems now are, where to hold the ceremony once asked -- he’s voting for Chicago (his hometown) or Oklahoma (where his mother rests) – and when will Kim’s 72 day marriage turned divorce settlement with Kris Humphries actually be finalized?

Small technicality.

Anyway, let’s be positive here and hope that if the inevitable marriage does sour at some point, Kim will have the decency to let him keep his family jewels…

Even though judging from his very public displays of adoration, she’ll always have a firm hold of his heart.