Rep: Beyonce Didn’t "Snub" Kim Kardashian

September 4, 2012 By:
Rep: Beyonce Didn’t

Over the weekend, Jay Z kicked off his first annual Made In America music festival in Philadelphia. Naturally, his wife Beyonce was there as was his partner in crime Kanye West.

Kim Kardashian was in tow to support her man Kanye and because UK publication The Daily Mail doesn’t celebrate Labor Day, they had an entire day to think up some bogus Kim K and Beyonce rumors.

The rag mag claimed that Beyonce “snubbed” Kim K at the concert by refusing to stand near her and “barely” spoke to her. “Sources” claim that the two ladies “aren’t that close.”

A source very close to Kim Kardashian tells Hollyscoop, “That is 1000% not true. They have no reason to dislike one another and they actually get along very well.”

Yeah, don’t you remember when the two ladies were partying it up TOGETHER at a Jay-Z and Kanye concert in England back in June?

Why should you remember that? You’re probably a functioning human being with more important things to do than keep up with Kim K and Beyonce’s friendship history! Let me jog your memory:

Kim K and Beyonce were acting all touchy-feely and BFF-y at their respective partners concert stop earlier this summer. They were dancing and hiding from the paparazzi and being very friendly towards one another.

As much as we would love the gossip that would ensue if these ladies truly hated each other, it ‘aint happening.