Pregnant Kim K Snapped Drinking Alcohol?

March 19, 2013 By:
Pregnant Kim K Snapped Drinking Alcohol?
Image By: Splash News

Does Kim Kardashian need to go back to mom school?

After complaining to the press about what a burden it is to bring a new life into the world, the reality star and mom-to-be was snapped blowing off some steam at a birthday dinner for her brother, Rob Kardashian.

In the photo that is quickly drawing controversy, Kim appears to be sipping on a half-empty glass of wine.

The shot, shared on Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram, shows Kim, Khloe and Rob all taking a swig of their selected beverages. And, while Khloe and Rob’s glasses seem to be filled with a milky mixed drink concoction, Kim’s glass is tinted with the shade of a white wine.

A couple things to note: The photo was posted on Monday. And this is definitely a pregnant Kim, seeing as Sunday was Rob’s official birthday. (Happy belated by the way, dude!)

“Turn it up for @robkardashian birthday,” the photo’s caption reads.

As you can imagine, when you get a nebulously controversial photo like this in front of the massive Kardashian social media audience, there is bound to be some conversation happening.

“Aren't you pregnant @kimkardashian? Why are you drinking?,” a commenter said. Others came to their queen’s rescue, writing things like: “She has a brain guys---cut her some slack! Thought: water?!!! Just saying.”


Still, drinking one glass of wine while pregnant isn’t exactly the end of the world, as one user added: “My ob said its ok to have a glass of wine.”

Meanwhile, the more out of the box thinkers stuck to the larger issue at hand in the shot, like the scholarly contributor @emmarucker who wrote: “Rob's not fat and Khloe's hair is dark. Not recent obvi.” 

Check and mate.