Playboy: Does It Hurt or Help a Celebs Career?

April 7, 2011 By:
Playboy: Does It Hurt or Help a Celebs Career?

For most of us, showing up naked for work would be a sure-fire firing. But for celebrities, baring all can take an otherwise dull career and put it in the spotlight. Dancing with the Star's Karina Smirnoff recently made the decision to pose nude in Playboy:

"The May issue of Playboy is unforgettable with Dancing With The Stars' Karina Smirnoff on the cover & nude inside," Hugh Hefner Tweeted.

Smirnoff is a professional ballroom dancer, and the question is, will this help or hurt her career? Hollyscoop has put together a list of five famous ladies who have stripped for Playboy.

For some, it boosted more than their egos, and for others, it was a big mistake. Either way, it's definitely a gamble.

1. Kim Kardashian: Kim posed for the mag back in 2007, and her entire decision process was filmed and broadcast, so we know it's something she had difficulty weighing out. Since Kim's posing, the Kardashians have started an empire, with Kim in the front row. They have their own clothing line, fragrances, and I've lost track of how many shows are on the air. And Kim is paid several hundred thousand dollars just to Tweet! It looks like her decision to show some skin not only paid off for herself, but for her entire family as well.

2. Robin Givens: In the eighties, Robin was the 'It' girl. She had adorable features and a body most of us spend half of our lives in the gym for. Robin was a perfect candidate for Playboy. So, in 1994, Robin decided to show off her God-given assets. But since then, we haven't seen much of her. In 2006, she tried to make a comeback in a short-lived telenovela, and mostly she's been stuck with Tyler Perry films. There's no telling whether her Playboy decision had anything to do with her career not taking off in the direction it was aimed for, but it certainly didn’t help.

3. Lisa Rinna: I can't seem to turn on the television without seeing this woman's face. Seems like a few years ago, she popped back up, and while she looked vaguely familiar, I couldn’t exactly tell where I knew her from. Turns out she starred in Days of our Lives and Melrose Place back in the 90s. But today, Rinna is more popular than ever. In 2009, Rinna was on the cover of the May issue of Playboy. Since then, she's had her own reality show, co-hosted a number of talk shows, and most recently, appeared on Celebrity Apprentice. This cover girl made a serious comeback.

4. Danielle Lloyd: The former Miss Great Britain was stripped—no pun intended—of her title in 2006 after agreeing to pose for the magazine. While Lloyd had her share of drama that might have contributed to her losing her title, Playboy didn’t seem to make things any better.

5. Adrianne Curry: Probably the most famous graduate of America's Next Top Model, Curry made the decision to pose for Hugh Hefner in 2006, just a year after her win on Top Model, and she posed again in 2008. Adrianne has since walked her share of the runway, and not only has she modeled, she's dabbled in acting as well. And the topper? She's married to a Brady! Not that Playboy had anything to do with that, but I'd say if you've married one of the Brady Bunch, you've made it in Hollywood.

Hugh Hefner has more power than any man should. He's single-handedly been able to convince tons of celebrities to expose themselves to millions of people. Which I always find bizarre, because we all know why guys buy the magazine, and contrary to what you're being told, it's not for the articles. Whether or not it would help my career, I don’t think I'd be comfortable with millions of strangers taking a naked picture of me into the bathroom. But then again, I'm no celebrity.

We wish the best for Smirnoff. And hey, if Playboy doesn’t boost your career, there's always putting out a sex tape.