PETA Pissed at Fur-Wearing Kim Kardashian

November 17, 2010 By:
PETA Pissed at Fur-Wearing Kim Kardashian

Finally! I’ve been waiting patiently for PETA to denounce Kim Kardashian for her fur-wearing in the chilly arctic mid-50s weather New York City has been having.

I don’t know what took the animal rights activist group so long—Kim has been wearing more fur than P Diddy—but they finally wrote her a scathing letter.

Pics of Kim Kardashian’s Fur Obsession

It reads:

“Kim Kardashian is a woman who has everything – except, it seems, an ounce of sympathy for the animals who have the fur ripped off their backs so that she can purchase yet another gaudy jacket. We wish she would take a cue from her fur-free sister, Khloe Kardashian – but evidently, kindness and generosity don’t run in the family.”

I suppose the last straw for PETA was when Kimmie was photographed twice in one day in two different furs. Like, we get it. Fur is in this season. But don’t kill it for everyone! The first fur offense was on Monday, when she stepped out wearing a knee-length jacket reportedly made of animal pelts. Later that day, Kim opted for a short black mink jacket.

I have to side with PETA here—Kim has been wearing a whole lot of fur lately, although I’m pretty sure some of the looks are faux fur, in which case PETA has no right to get all pissy.

What do you think about Kim’s fur obsession? Love it or hate it?