Kris Jenner Gets a Facelift for Kim's Wedding

July 14, 2011 By:
Kris Jenner Gets a Facelift for Kim's Wedding

Kim Kardashian’s mother Kris has gone under the knife for a pre-wedding facelift. This is Kris Jenner’s second facelift. Well that’s good, because I was afraid that Bruce Jenner was beginning to out-facelift Kris.

The wedding is set for August 20 and Kris wanted to look her best for the big televised event. I think the Kardashian/Jenner credo is that one can never have enough money or plastic surgery.

It’s being reported that Kris Humphries is getting dental veneers for the big day. Nothing says “Welcome to the Family” like “you need to be more attractive to be related to us.”

Khloe Kardashian talks about her mom’s new face, “She looks amazing. They say you are supposed to have a lot of swelling for a week or so after, but I didn’t notice.” Apparently the face-lift looks really good because Kris has been “out and about” after having the procedure “about a month ago,” and TMZ hasn’t even noticed.

Kris has been organizing the wedding with Kim and you’d think it was her wedding she’s planning. Apparently Kris is trying to “monetize’ the event, meaning that they will actually profit from the big day via the sale of photo rights and sponsorships, but Kim just wants to make sure “it’s the most lavish even possible – no matter what it costs,” a source reveals.

Kim’s motto is “the bigger, the better.”

Khloe says, “My mom loves being involved, but Kim needs it. I’ve seen how much my mom has been doing. Kim should be kissing the ground [Kris] walks on.”