Kris Humphries: My Marriage to Kim Kardashian Was "Fraud"

November 30, 2011 By:
Kris Humphries: My Marriage to Kim Kardashian Was

After Kim Kardashian supposedly blindsided her husband Kris Humphries by divorcing him 72 days after they got married, TMZ is reporting that Kris just filed for an annulment of the marriage.

He is filing the annulment on the grounds that Kim “defrauded” him into marrying her.

Yes, she put a giant piece of cheese inside of a mousetrap labeled “TV Marriage” and Kris scurried his way in.

Sources close to Kris are claiming that Kim had planned the marriage for the reality TV show all along and Kris was never in on it. Meaning he actually fell in love with Kim Kardashian, which is actually harder to believe than the fake wedding rumors.

Kris now wants Kim to pay his attorney fees. Why? Because she fooled him all the way to the altar. Basically he’s “playing dumb,” which isn’t going to be that difficult, I mean, look at him.

If Humphries is successful in getting the marriage annulled it would be like they were never married and the couple can avoid divorce proceedings.

The couple apparently has an airtight pre-nup, which allows Kim to walk away with everything she earned during the marriage (so like 72 days worth of residuals from “Keep Up With The Kardashians” and maybe a Midori endorsement check or two). However, Kris says their marriage has “community and quasi-community assets” which means he going to try and swindle some kash out of Kim K.

However, if Kris H learned anything from his two-month union to the Queen of Endorsements, he’s learned how to become a low-budget “personality.”

Kris just signed an endorsement deal with Sector watches for $150,000, which is about $150,000 too much for a watch from Humphries.

Now, in the aftermath of their fallout, many “friends” of the Kardashians are coming forward to paint Kris H as the bad-guy.

He was allegedly freeloading off of Kim and was really mean to her. “He belittled her in front of people,” says on source, “He’d call her stupid. It was truly sickening.”

But according to the source, the worst thing he ever did was…”one time, he said she had no talent and her fame wouldn’t last.”

GASP! Wait, why is this offensive? I don’t get it, because that statement is essentially true. Is it because he said it out loud? I forgot, we’re supposed to whisper around the Kardashians and pretend they all have talent as, I dunno, handbag designers or whatever it is their talent is today.

“He tried to control Kim by bringing her down…He would say truly terrible things,” admits the source.

Too bad they didn’t figure this out BEFORE the wedding.

But the worst thing he did was call her a “Fat ass.” Again, why is this a problem? Kim’s ass made her famous, and obviously it’s huge, he’s just pointing out the facts.