Kris Humphries Spotted Without his Ring on Carrying Moving Boxes

October 21, 2011 By:
Kris Humphries Spotted Without his Ring on Carrying Moving Boxes

Kris Humphries was spotted without his wedding ring on! Gasp! He was also spotted carrying moving boxes out of the hotel room he shares with Kim Kardashian! Double Gasp! Do you care about any of this?! Probably not! Am I going to keep talking about it!? Absolutely!

Kim and Kris have only been married for about two months and have been living in a Manhattan hotel room while filming for their show, "Kourtney and Kim Take New York." Now on Kim's 31st birthday, Kris Humphries has been spotted carrying moving boxes with no ring on. Dun Dun Dun.

Let's theorize why this might be: He could just be going without the ring because he's so prone to losing it. Earlier this month, Kris was traveling through a Minneapolis airport and naturally removed his ring to get through the TSA checkpoint but ended up dropping the ring on the floor. The ring rolled away and he nearly lost it, if not for some citizen hero who swooped in to save the day. And by swooped in I mean, groveled on hands and knees to find a missing ring for a c-list celeb.

Also, I can barely zip up pants with a ring on, so maybe he didn't want to tarnish the bling while carrying moving boxes out? But that brings us to the subject of the moving boxes. Did Kim and Kris split up? Is he really moving out without her? Today is Kim's 31st birthday so if he choose to move on her bday that's a real cold move. Also, the Kardashians just finished filming "Kourtney & Kim Take New York" so they could just be moving out of the hotel room they were living in while filming and heading back to LA.

There are so many possibilities here! But I highly doubt they are breaking up. Their televised wedding special has only been in re-runs for one week. If they break up, the E! channel will have no programming, the re-runs of that damn wedding account for 50% of the content on E!.

It's probably just a false alarm. Sources tell Page Six that the couple went to dinner on Wednesday night at STK in New York and left holding hands. Also, to celebrate her birthday Kim is heading to Vegas, naturally, and this same source says that Kris plans to join her.

"The show [Kourtney and Kim Take New York] is wrapping, so they all have been packing up. Kris is headed to Vegas with Kim for her birthday weekend."

So now that that is all cleared up, we can go back to not caring.