Kris Humphries Lost his Wedding Ring!

October 11, 2011 By:
Kris Humphries Lost his Wedding Ring!

Kris Humphies, aka Kim Kardashian’s bodyguard, I mean, husband, temporarily lost his wedding band over the weekend.

On Friday October 7, 2011 Kris Humphries was traveling solo through the Minneapolis – St. Paul Airport when he had to take off his $10,000 Lorraine Schwartz wedding ring to get through the TSA checkpoint.

Apparently Kris accidentally dropped the ring and some citizen hero came to his rescue. An onlooker named Omar Ahmad recognized the very tall man as “Kim’s Husband” and immediately got down on his hands and knees and helped Kris search for the ring.

“Kris must have had to take off all his jewelry or it slipped off his finger,” the hero Omar Ahmad tells Radaronline, “He was freaking out and frantically looking for it yelling, ‘Where’s My ring.’”

Apparently Kris was traveling with two friends but neither was helping him look for the ring. So that’s when Omar Ahmad decided that this city needs a hero!

“They [his friends] just stood there, with looks on their faces like, ‘Oh sh-t! He lost his ring!’ He was crawling on his knees looking for it underneath the x-ray machine. No one was helping him and very few actually recognized him except for me. So I stepped in to help.” Says Spiderman, I mean, Ahmad.

This is my favorite part, Ahmad told Kris, “I told him, I’m going to help you find this so you don’t have to deal with this tonight.” Wow, he must have seen Part 1 of “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding.”

Apparently after 10 minutes of crawling around on the floor they found they ring.

“Kris was just so thankful I helped him and didn’t just leave him. It’s funny, I was really the only one who knew who he was” says Ahmad.

Kris then posed for a photo with Ahmad, where Kris flashed his wedding band like a gang sign and Ahmad threw up the peace sign. Deuces!

In other put-a-ring-on-it news, Kim Kardashian claims she sometimes leaves her nearly $1 million dollar engagement ring and her Lorraine Schwartz wedding band at home.

“I don’t wear [any jewelry] to work out,” she told Women’s Wear Daily, “I was leaving the gym yesterday and I didn’t have my [wedding] ring on, and there were all these photographers taking pictures, and I said to my sister, ‘Just watch, Kourtney. You will see a story, ‘Kim Without Her Ring: Trouble in Paradise.’”

Kim and Kris were married in a lavish wedding back in August in Montecito California. Thankfully for us, E! was there to document the whole thing and aired the second half of the “Kim’s Fairytale Wedding” last night.