Kris Humphries Booed Off the Basketball Court

December 22, 2011 By:
Kris Humphries Booed Off the Basketball Court

During Kris Humphries return to basketball at a pre-season New Jersey Net’s game at NYC’s Madison Square Garden last night, he was booed and heckled as he stepped onto the court.

Does he regret those 72 days?! You betcha.

Carmelo Anthony, a player for the Knicks and husband of LaLa Vasquez, who is one of Kim Kardashian’s BFFs, says “It’s a tough situation. New York fans are New York fans. I like it, to be honest with you. That’s how it should be.”

What does that even mean? Is all of basketball loving NYC a super fan of Kim Kardashian and is therefore moved to hate Kris Humphries? What did he even do wrong besides talk like a dog and fall in love with the wrong family?

During the game, the announcer Al Trautwig said, “That was not a smattering of boos. That’s ‘villain in the Garden’ kind of booing.”

Can you get kicked out of the NBA on boos alone? If so, Kris Humphries is very close to getting fired if booing has anything to do with it. I’m gonna need you to clear out your desk, return your key card, and also, how big is Kim Kardashian’s ass really? Like two basketballs big?

The best thing, however, was when the crowd began to chant “REGGIE BUSH.” Reggie Bush is Kim Kardashian’s long-time ex-boyfriend, who didn’t even play basketball! Bush played football, or the other popular sport that isn’t basketball.

Who knew that NY basketball fans were so loyal to Kim Kardashian? Kim should endorse a line of basketballs, or street hot dog venders.

“He’s now become the most hated man in the NBA,” says the game commenter, talking about Humphries.

Well, Kim is the most hated woman in reality TV, so they would make a perfect couple…Oh wait.  

Check out the video of the chanting below...