Kris Humphries Blasted By Judge For Missing Court Date

April 12, 2013 By:
Kris Humphries Blasted By Judge For Missing Court Date
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Kris Humphries is in some hot, hot water with the court system today.

He missed court on Friday and his absence has become a hot topic. When he missed a settlement conference for his divorce trial with Kim Kardashian, Judge Goldberg, who’s presiding over the case, reportedly blew a gasket.

TMZ is reporting a colorful play-by-play that may actually help the reality star’s team in the long run.

The gossip tracker writes: “Goldberg was so pissed ... he set a sanction hearing -- meaning Kris may be hit with fines for being a no-show.”

If all had gone according to plan, Kris would have arrived at the downtown L.A. courthouse at 8 a.m. this morning for the mandatory appearance. He would have respected the court, been a decent human being and not gotten anyone into a huff.

But, then again, if he had done all that, we wouldn’t be talking about it would we?

Instead, Kris decided to be stuck in NYC, not grab a quick flight to L.A., and the judge was not happy. Who does he think he is, Lindsay?

According to the report, the NBA star could even be subject to a hefty fine for mocking and disrespecting the court.

April 19th is the next big date for the proceedings where we can expect what TMZ is calling “a pre-trial readiness/settlement conference.”