Kim Kardsahian Clears Up Plastic Surgery Rumors!

October 6, 2008 By:
Kim Kardsahian Clears Up Plastic Surgery Rumors!

Seriously, it’s hard to believe that we are still talking about Kim Kardashian’s ass. Why aren’t we past this yet? How is it even a mildly entertaining subject to discuss? Still though, people apparently constantly ask Kim if she got butt implants, so she took to her blog
to clear it up. HOPEFULLY for the last time.


I am definitely not against it at all, but haven’t yet had it! Personally, lip injections are the thing I would never do—even if I didn’t have full lips.

I think lip injections look very fake and bad and I wouldn’t want to kiss anyone with stuff in their lips—so I wouldn’t do it to myself.

This is a picture of me when I was about 14 years old in a bikini. I hope after seeing this you guys will never ask me a plastic surgery question again! I have had a size C since I was 11 years old! So one day I will definitely get a lift, but I am waiting until after I have kids. Until then I rely on a great supportive bra! LOL!

All the butt implant rumors are just so not true and now just silly to me. I have answered dozens of times “no I do not have butt implants,” but people just don’t seem to want to believe it!

I have always had an insecurity with my nose... People also have assumed I have had a nose job, but I have not! I look exactly the same as I did when I was a kid, except my nose has grown a little. I hate the bump on the side of my nose, but am way too afraid to mess with my face!