Kim Kardashian's Wedding: The Rundown

August 15, 2011 By:
Kim Kardashian's Wedding: The Rundown

Just when we were starting to recover from the Royal Wedding, the Kardashians bring us Royal Wedding Part II. And considering Kim brings in millions for just showing up to a party, getting married will be one of her best investments.

Kim Kardashian's wedding will be broadcasted on E!, of course, in a two hour special. Between that, selling engagement photos, and booking endorsements, this isn’t just a wedding. It’s a huge payday. So what can we expect from the big day? I’m so glad you asked…

The Guest List: Basically, you have to have an extensive IMDB page to get an invite. It will be a star-studded event, including Kanye West, Jay Z, Beyonce, Demi Lovato, Ryan Seacrest, Jada Pinkett and Will Smith, Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria. Oh, and Justin Bieber also scored an invite. Beiber and Kardashian became friends last year when they made that creepy/sexy ad campaign for Elle magazine.

The Dress: We all know by now that Kim has chosen Vera Wang as her designer, but what exactly it looks like, we have no idea. So who does? Tyra Banks. Banks revealed to PEOPLE that she gave Kim some input with her wedding dress. “I gave [Kim] the advice of going with a silhouette that the world isn’t used to seeing her in,” Banks said, “So we’ll see.”

Banks added, “What she showed me was so beautiful. It’s interesting because they were pictures from a fitting, but it actually looked like the wedding, like her hair was done. So it was like a real almost dress rehearsal and she looked absolutely beautiful.”

Well, yeah. Between the eyelashes, the makeup and the blowouts, Kim always looks like she’s ready for anything. In the time it takes this woman to get ready in the morning, most of us have already had lunch.

The Money: While the royal wedding cost $70 mil, the Kardashian wedding will only be a cool $20 mil. But don't worry. A few tweets, and Kim will have that paid for. And what about the money Kim is supposed to make from this shindig?

The low-ball figure Kim is expected to rake in is approximately $5 million. That includes photos, rights, and endorsements. And if that’s not enough, Kim is using the wedding to sell her own fragrance. Kardashian is releasing a limited edition perfume called “Love”. It will retail at $100 per bottle and is supposed to be inspired by her wedding. I’m guessing it smells like money.

The Gifts: If you’re attending this wedding, and you still haven’t gotten the gift, there’s good news. There’s still stuff left on the registry. There’s a $7,850 Baccarat vase, an $840 ashtray and $205 ice tongs. To put things in perspective, $205 is what I have in my checking, $840 is what I pay in rent, and if I save my extra money each month, I will have $7,850 saved up by the year 2043.

The Cake: Kim reportedly wants a replica of Will and Kate’s royal wedding cake. It will be a 10-tier white cake with chocolate chip icing. I'm drooling already.

So far, Kim has remained relatively calm about tying the knot. But the bride-to-be does have at least one worry on her mind:

“I was so nervous to walk down the aisle by myself,” Kim says. “For some reason I wasn’t thinking like, ‘Oh, Bruce will be there right with me,’ so I was thinking, “I’m gonna fall, I’m gonna faint, oh my god, my train!”

Kim’s biological dad, Robert, died in 2003 from esophageal cancer at the age of 59. Bruce Jenner has been Kim’s stepdad since 1991. Kardashian says Bruce has been an amazing father figure to her, her sisters, and her younger brother, Rob. On Father’s Day, Kim blogged about the “bittersweet” holiday.

“When we were younger, my dad would go around the dinner table and ask us each the peak and pit of our day. The peak of my day today is knowing that I have a loving, supportive father figure in Bruce, who treats me and my sisters as if we were his own. Bruce, I love you!"