Kim Kardashian's Wedding Is Basically A Movie Now

August 3, 2011 By:
Kim Kardashian's Wedding Is Basically A Movie Now

In a world, where nobody had anything better to do, one woman had the power to entertain us all.

Kim Kardashian's upcoming wedding to Kris Humphries will be televised in a two-hour wedding special titled, Kim's Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event.

I love the A Kardashian Event part. It sounds so official yet means so little. It might as well read, Kim's Fairytale Wedding: Yeah, This Is Happening.

The beautiful reality star has already been planning—recently revealing that her dress designer was Vera Wang. Considering we've seen her photographed shopping for Vera Wang wedding dresses for the past month, it wasn't much of a reveal.

Kim Kardashian probably also throws surprise parties for people where she yells "SURPRISE!" halfway through them opening gifts.

Apparently, Kris Jenner is taking over a lot of the planning. Which is weird, because she usually stays out of her kids' lives. According to Khloe Kardashian:

"I have no idea what's going on. But I've seen how much my mom has been doing, and I don't know how my mom does it! Kim should be kissing the ground that she walks on. It's amazing."

Word is that although Kim has decided to hold the wedding in Montecito, California, she hasn't yet picked a venue. She does, however, have 1,000 guests she plans to invite.

Whether you're planning on watching or not, this thing is gonna be huge.