See Kim Kardashian's Wedding Special Video

August 22, 2011 By:
See Kim Kardashian's Wedding Special Video

Lindsay Lohan and Brody Jenner party at Kardashian Wedding? Reception shut down at midnight? More details you didn't know!

The first video from Kim Kardashian's Wedding has hit the web, this is probably one in a series of teasers that we'll have to endure before the real wedding special on E! in October.

In the video you'll catch glimpses of the dress and the beautiful ceremony, but here are some more details you didn't know about the lavish Kim Kardashian/Kris Humphries wedding:

Lindsay Lohan was invited to the wedding. Yep, you read that right. LiLo and her mom Dina and sister Ali arrived at 2am at the Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara on Friday in preparation for the Saturday evening wedding. Sources told Radar online that Lindsay “was drinking and partying hard.” Is there any other way?

Partying with Lindsay was Bruce Jenner's son, Brody Jenner, who most people forget is Kim's stepbrother. He and girlfriend Avril Lavigne attended the wedding after Brody tweeted, “Oh yeah. And it's my birthday at midnight. RAGING tonight!”

I guess all the Kardashian/Jenner men were “raging” at the reception, as Rob Kardashian tweeted back at Brody, “I'm with Bruce tonight and we are gonna RAGE!!!” The image of Bruce Jenner raging makes me so happy. Probably because it's what I imagine a high school principal who has had a facelift and his ears pierced must look like while raging.

In other Kardashian-wedding-tweet news, Humphries joked with Rob online whether he should go with a “mustache or no mustache for the wedding?” Ewww no mustache. What is this, some kind of Van Nuys porn industry wedding? Uggh. Thankfully Rob, who I'm sure would have preferred to wear white sweats and a tuxedo t-shirt to the wedding, tweeted back, “Get a hair cut and shave your mustache,” says Rob.

Well, the boys didn't party long as neighbors called the cops around midnight to complain about the noise. “Around midnight DJ Cassidy, who had been spinning for an hour, was ordered to shut down because the neighbors were complaining about the volume of the music. The neighbors didn't come over, but they called the police,” says a source.

However, Kim was ok with news and the party continued until about 2am even without any dancing.

Though the neighbors didn't seemed to be upset with the paparazzi, Kris Humphries sure was. Seeing as Kim K makes her living being friendly with the paps, Humphries has to get used to that lifestyle. The two had their first lovers quarrel during the rehearsal dinner when Humphries threw a bag at a paparazzo.

Kim wasn't happy with Humphries action because, let's face it, just one of those wedding paparazzi photos was probably paying for the catering fee.