Kim Kardashian's Long Affair with Kanye West Revealed

January 25, 2013 By:
Kim Kardashian's Long Affair with Kanye West Revealed
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Many of us know that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have a “friendship” that dates back about 10 years, but the naughty details on their long-standing affair when they were both dating other people is finally coming to light.

A rapper named Consequence (who used to be signed with Kanye’s label) and apparently WAS good friends with Kanye gave an interview to Power 105.1 with his girlfriend and the two spilled all the details about Kim’s affair with Kanye when she was dating Reggie Bush

“When he [Kanye] was sticking Kim when Kim was with Reggie, you know whose secret that was? That was our secret,” says Consequence’s girlfriend.

She added that Kanye would call Consequence every night saying, “’What do I, what do I do about Kim. I need to be with her.’”

Apparently, Consequence used to drive Kanye to hotels to meet Kim late at night. Why didn’t Kanye drive himself? Well, probably to avoid paparazzi.

So Kim was cheating on Reggie with Kanye, but what Consequence left out of the story was that Kanye was cheating on his girlfriend Amber Rose as well.

Back in 2010, Amber told Star magazine, “Kim is one of the main reasons why me and Kanye are not together. She's a home-wrecker. They were both cheating. They were both cheating on me and Reggie with each other."

"I feel like Kim and her family, they manipulate the media and they want people to believe what they want them to believe," Amber vented, "I just had to put the truth out there and I had to get it off my chest.”

Amber even said that Kim would send naked photos to Kanye during this time.

My only question is, why the hell did Kim marry Kris Humphries? If Kim and Kanye were taking trips to bone-town back in 2010 then why didn’t they get together when both of them broke up with their significant others!? We should have known when Kanye didn't show up to Kim's wedding.

So much drama. I can’t wait for the Lifetime movie version of their love story!