Kim Kardashian's Inappropriate Outfits on Middle East Trip

November 30, 2012 By:
Kim Kardashian's Inappropriate Outfits on Middle East Trip

My milkshake brings all the boys to the Middle East yard.

In a recent stop to the region, all in the unifying name of spreading positivity and peace in the form of Millions of Milkshakes to the corners of the world, Kim Kardashian wore not just one, but two inappropriate getups for promotional photo ops in covered-up Kuwait.


Here was the first: a sheer black top that gave everyone an XXX-ray view of her bra underneath. Probably inspired by that time when Justin Bieber’s overalls shook hands with the Canadian Prime Minister, she wore this scholarly and dignified see-through shirt while meeting the US Ambassador to Kuwait because that’s what they teach in the International Relations course Kim clearly didn’t take in college.

Then at the grand opening of the Millions of Milkshakes store at the Avenues Mall in Kuwait City, Kim wore an outfit that was just inappropriately bizarre—a white figure-flattering dress with cut outs across the chest and mid-arms that channeled “Star Trek.” Earth to Kim, you’re slurping on milkshakes in Kuwait, not space, babe.

Granted Kuwait is not Afghanistan, the country still has a slightly more modest and covered-up conservative code of conduct when it comes to closets.

Even without the “Kim K + Kuwait” equation, these still would’ve been “wrong place, wrong time” pretty much anywhere given you’re meeting a dignitary in something that exposes salacious secrets just a few shy of General Petraeus’s and a dress with more empty spaces on it than a Sudoku puzzle.

I don’t know where she got these, but these outfits were definitely designed by Oblivousness, a label and size they carry exclusively for Kardashians.