Kim Kardashian's Divorce Was All About Money

November 1, 2011 By:
Kim Kardashian's Divorce Was All About Money

Sources are saying that Kim and Kris split up because of “money issues” and no not the normal kind like “I don’t think upgrading to HBO is an expense we can afford this month” I’m talking about Kris Humphries trying to get at the Kardashian millions.

Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from her husband of 72 days and one source tells X17online exclusively that Kim refused to support her husband.

The source accompanied Kim on a recent trip to Dubai and overheard her yelling to Kris on the phone.

“I heard Kim on the phone with Kris at one point during the trip, and she was swearing and screaming at him about how he doesn’t have anything going on and how she’s not going to support him,” says the source.

Kris has stuff going on…he uhmmm, goes to tapings of Dancing With The Stars, he’s probably really good at putting things back that belong on high shelves…okay I got nothing. With the NBA lockout, Kris H doesn’t do much and doesn't bring in much money.

Back on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe warned that Kris has everything to gain by marrying and divorcing Kim.

Khloe says she was “worried about Kris’ intentions” adding that he “has nothing to lose if he marries Kim and gets a divorce.”

However, Kim’s airtight prenup ensures that she walks away with everything she entered the marriage with.

Actually some are saying she’ll actually profit from her divorce. America, where the divorce rate is highest but the benefits are endless!

Anytime Kim K does anything, it’s a big deal. Kim X-Rays her butt! Kim stopped dating one athlete and is now dating another athlete! Kim just tweeted something about Midori!

If she capitalizes on her newly single status, she can make millions for her “Kim Speaks for the first time since divorce” story as well as selling rights to photos of herself and charging more for her appearance fees.

“She could easily sell her first post-divorce interview for a half a million dollars or more,” says In Touch Weekly senior editor Dorothy Cascerceri.

Wow. You could buy a large home, feed thousands of people, and fund hundreds of student tuitions with that money OR you could interview Kim K about what it’s like being single while she bats her eyelashes and says something about “needing some time to figure things out.”

“Kim Kardashian can make a profit from anything, whether she’s single, engaged, married, dating a girl or a guy,” says Cascerceri, “This divorce is making her the most talked-about name in Hollywood, so companies will continue to throw money at her.”

It’s true, Kim and Kris have been trending on Google all day today and yesterday. But people have also been google searching for “trick or treat times” all day today and Halloween was yesterday, so the public is stupid is what I’m trying to say.