Kim Kardashian's Divorce By The Numbers

November 3, 2011 By:
Kim Kardashian's Divorce By The Numbers

If there's anyone who deserves a drink right now, it's Kim Kardashian's PR people.

As the Kardashian Empire takes a major blow this week, her publicists are working overtime to do damage control. And Kim's infamous momager, Kris Jenner, has been working that spin.

Not even a week after announcing her split, Kim and company took to the press to give their side of the story. Mostly, it's a lot of them saying the same thing over and over again. To prove that, our friends over at X-17 Online counted up the Kardashian spin strategies, and we dissected how the public is responding. Here are the numbers:

12—The number of times the Kardashians have mentioned being a family. They keep talking about how they're getting through this whole ordeal "as a family." Which is basically the guise of their reality show. That it's about a family and not an hour long commercial.

11—How many times the family has said they're "so proud" of Kim. For what? Wearing a tight dress and taking an X-ray of her butt?

10—The number of times it's been said that Kim didn't make any money off the wedding. Kris Jenner asserted this on the Today show.

0—The number of people who actually believe that.

1.5 million—the amount it's reported that Kim received for her People magazine wedding shoot.

0—How many times Kris' name appears on that People magazine cover. Kim, however, graces it all by herself. Congrats, Kris, your wife had a wedding.

8—The number of times it's been mentioned that Kim's giving back to charity. But oh, she's doing this "quietly."

3—The number of times a Kardashian has mentioned that Kim's not the first person to go through a divorce. Right, she's just like everyone else. Great way to deflect the issue at hand.

4—How amount of times Kim has said she doesn’t want to disappoint anyone. She feels bad, y'all.

4---The amount of times it was said that Kim wanted to stick to her professional commitments and go to Australia. She works hard, y'all.

4—The amount of times it's been reiterated that the marriage was real. Yeah, it was real. Real fake.

0—the number of times Kim has said Kris Humphries name publically since the divorce. Great strategy. Not only does Kim distance herself from the situation, she prevents him from getting any press. It's all about her. Her feelings, her "intuition", her side of the story. Kris who?