Kim Kardashian's "Cringe Worthy" Bachelorette Party Plans Revealed

June 17, 2011 By:
Kim Kardashian's

Watch out Kimmy, your sisters are planning on having a field day with your bachelorette party.

Kim Kardashian is still a couple months away from tying the knot with fiancé Kris Humpries, but her sisters are already hard at work planning a “cringe-worthy” bachelorette party.

Khloe admits she was left disappointed with her 'unsexy' bachelorette party back in 2009 and is ready for payback.

Khloe said: "I had the worst bachelorette party. Like, it wasn't sexy at all, so I might just do a payback for Kim... Because Kim does not like what she gave me, like penis straws and a little go-go dancer. Kim would cringe if I did that for her, so I might do that just to see what happens."

Khloe also admitted she and sister Kourtney haven't decided whether to buy engagement gifts for Kim and Kris.

She told E! News: "Kourtney asked me the other day. She's like, 'Do we buy her an engagement gift?'. I'm like, 'No one bought me an engagement gift!' What is that about?"

But of course the important question on every Kardashian fans mind is, who will Kim wear on the big day? Khloe is hoping big sis Kim will follow in her footsteps and wear Vera Wang.

She said: "She did mine, so I hope she does. Just because I love her, and I feel like when you think of weddings, you think of Vera Wang. I think it would be a perfect fit."

Based on their wedding registry so far the theme of the Kim/Kris wedding seems to be 'extravagant' so unless Vera Wang has loose diamonds laying around ready to be stitched on a dress, Kim may go with another designer.