Kim Kardashian Wants Babies ASAP!

August 30, 2011 By:
Kim Kardashian Wants Babies ASAP!

Kim Kardashian has only been married just over a week, but she and hubby Kris Humphries already have baby fever. One thing at a time Kimberly, you haven’t even adopted a dog together!

However, Kim and Kris have been telling friends that they are ready to start a family. A close friend of the Kardashians, Lisa Gastineau told US Weekly, “She wants babies. Let’s cross the fingers. And her mom wants her to have babies quick.”

Kris Jenner has publicly been putting pressure on all three of the sisters to pop out babies, “Mason is the love of our lives, and he is so much fun, but there’s only one Mason to go around it would be nice if we had some more.”

Not only does momma Kris want more babies with K names running around Calabasas, but sister Kendall Jenner tells Hollyscoop she also wants new additions to the Kardashian Klan.

"I want Kourtney to have another kid," Kendall told HS. "I want Kim to have a kid, I want Khloe to have a kid. I am literally obsessed with Mason if there were 500 more of him, I would be so happy.”

500 Masons! Is there a tailor out there who can fashion 500 tiny Scott Disick-inspired three-piece suits? Because Kardashian offspring deserve no less.

While Kendall, momma Kris and friends all want Kim to have some babies, Kim herself is also excited for kids.

“She will be a great mom. She is very nurturing.” Says Gastineau.

Kim has been expressing the desire to have kids for some time now. “I’m sure at some point in the next year I’ll want to have babies, so I have to get into my best shape before that. Maybe we’ll start trying at the end of the year, after the wedding.”

For all those h8rs out there who don’t think Kim and Kris’s union will last, Gastineau says that Kris and Kim are perfect for each other.

“He adores Kim. I wish that every girl I know had someone that adores her. Just the way he looks at her. He’s so cool. He stands up to her. Kim is a little dynamo. It is amazing, it is a fun, fun relationship watching them.”

Don’t believe everything “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” tells you! I’m looking at you “vacation in Bora Bora” episode. For those don’t watch every episode three times, as I do, let me summarize.

The Kardashians bring Kris Humphries on their vacation and he is “shocked” to find out that Kim has been married before and then drama unfolds when Kim complains that the bedroom is too hot and that she lost her earring. Blah blah blah so much TV drama. Moral of the story: Kim and Kris are fine and totally going to have babies!