Kim Kardashian Tweets More Bikini Pics, Also, Sky Is Blue

August 17, 2012 By:
Kim Kardashian Tweets More Bikini Pics, Also, Sky Is Blue

Kim Kardashian obviously has not heard the pleas of the world to stop posting pictures of herself flouncing around in bikinis. Between her and Miley Cyrus, Twitter has become a nest of boring, self-obsessed hair and bikini pictures. It’s getting old, ladies.

Between today and yesterday, Kim tweeted numerous pictures of herself in a bikini in Hawaii, where she’s vacationing with boyfriend Kanye West.

They look less like cell phone shots than they look like a Maxim shoot—Kim writhes on the beach at night in a black and white jewel encrusted bikini-dress thing. Everyone knows that no one is lit like that at night without the help of professionals; everyone either looks like a slightly greenish ghost or a small nocturnal forest animal in a regular flash.

Kim also posted pictures of her in a retro style high-waisted floral bikini on Wednesday (they were actually from a photo shoot she did back in 2009…recycle much?). Earlier this summer, she’s posted pictures of herself swimming, walking with her butt on the beach, drinking orange soda, not being Photo shopped, sitting on a boat and standing on a bed.

Though we would never expect revelations of true art to filter through Kim’s feed to us (though @KimKierkegaard does a good job of blending her musings in to something that resembles intelligence), we would like for her to find a new fixation.

Maybe pictures of her toes, or her elbows? She could get really get creative here. Except she won’t. So we’ll just keep wincing and hoping every time we check our feed.