Kim Kardashian Topless in New Kanye West Video

November 19, 2013 By:
Kim Kardashian Topless in New Kanye West Video

Kim Kardashian naked in a Kanye West music video? It was something that was “Bound 2” happen.

The video finds the rapper cruising through the Grand Canyon and various other landscapes on a motorcycle, but the real sight to see is Kim straddling him topless.

Kanye took a detour by deciding to premiere it on “The Ellen Show,” a random and unexpected route, considering it’s a little racy for a daytime talk show, not to mention Ellen DeGeneres’ core audience probably isn’t playing Yeezus on the regular in their SUVs en route to soccer practice.

Director Nick Knight was in charge of the visuals, but it doesn't appear that the real-life couple needed much, um, direction.

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