Kim Kardashian Shows off Her Expensive Body

July 16, 2012 By:
Kim Kardashian Shows off Her Expensive Body

If you had a car that cost a lot of money, you’d parade it around. If you had a body that was equally expensive to maintain, you'd do the same, right?

Kim Kardashian posted a saucy pic on her Facebook fan page. The reality star was caught mid pose, showing off her mouth-watering body on a yacht in Miami.

“Good morning Miami,” the caption front.

Kim wears a black, leather-finish bathing suit. The ensemble was split in the front to expose her Olympic breasts. She wears some serious black and white heels to accent the wardrobe choice. (Not exactly the most practical thing for a boating trip.)

Probably not such a coincidence, the outfit matches the interior of the boat. Meanwhile, Kim does her best “caught in the moment” impression.

Now, we all know Kim leads a lush lifestyle. She worked really hard to get there, so good for her. But, seriously… Who looks that good on a typical day?

For the sake of us immortals, I hope this was posed by a professional photographer. Some airbrush and CGI work wouldn’t hurt our dignity either…

As you can imagine, the post has already inspired quite a response. In 18 hours since its origin, it boasts 8,000 plus likes and nearly 500 comments.

“Are you gonna be the next Bond girl?” one commenter asked.

Another onlooker asserted, “I wish I was a camera.”

“OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. The things you do to my panties,” yet another proclaimed.

Love her or hate her, it’s hard to argue that the camera is Kim’s friend. Even if you’re not.