Kim Kardashian Shows Off Huge Baby Bump

February 1, 2013 By:
Kim Kardashian Shows Off Huge Baby Bump

Kim Kardashian’s baby bump literally showed up overnight.

Kim posted a photo on her Instagram of her and Khloe in a recent photo shoot. Not sure what the photo shoot was for, but it’s obvious that a huge belly was not an issue.

Kim posed sideways in a super tight dress that showed off her belly which, protruded as far forward as her butt did in the opposite direction. It was like a seesaw. Just calling it like we see it. 

Kim captioned the photo, “Well hello there! #PoppedOuttaNowhere!!!”

By “popped outta nowhere” we assume she’s referring to her baby bump, because it definitely wasn’t there two days ago. The mom-to-be also posted a photo from just a couple days ago where she’s wearing a super tight dress but no visible bump.

Those bellies pop up overnight apparently.

In honor of Kim’s baby bulge, I want to highlight some of the best comments posted on the photo.

Nessaaa_v writes: “is the baby growing in ur as*?”

Reyna323 laments Kim’s new wardrobe, “No more corsets lol.” Did Kim EVER wear corsets?

Another person writes, “She’s pregnant?” Really? Did they really ask that?

And another just wrote, “jelly rolls” and I hope that person is describing their dessert and NOT the photo.