Kim Kardashian Shares Family Vacation Bikini Photos

August 9, 2012 By:
Kim Kardashian Shares Family Vacation Bikini Photos

Kim Kardashian is in a bikini, again. This time it’s an aqua string two piece that she didn’t really cover up at all with a geometric print blue and gold kaftan.

The rest of the trip was filmed and has already been televised on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but as Kim seems to be uncomfortable if any small part of her life goes undocumented and unshared, she’s shared the pics from her family’s “private time” on a yacht in the Dominican Republic earlier this year.

In the first picture, Khloe looks strangely out of place and—gasp—pale. A bit sunburnt, even. The pastiness is dialed up a bit because she’s sitting next to the superprobronzed Kim, but it’s surprising considering the girl hawks self-tanner and doesn’t exactly go light on the bronzer. Ever. She’s also wearing a very unfortunate pair of sunglasses that don’t do much for her face.

Kim also poses with her mom, Kris, and Kris’ autobiography. We use the word autobiography loosely, as it was definitely ghostwritten by some poor 23-year-old agency writer who had to swallow a ton of pride and despair to finish the project.

I guess Kim panicked a bit this morning when she realized that she didn’t have any new bikini pictures to toss out to the Twitterverse this week since she’s already used up the bondagekini, underwaterkini and nophotoshopbitcheskini pictures.

In other Kim Kardashian Twitter news, she also posted a picture of the most heinous shoes ever, courtesy of boyfriend Kanye West’s questionable design talent. In addition to looking like they were knit by drunken sherpas, the shoes cost $6,000.