Kim Kardashian: Ready to Mingle in the City!

October 5, 2010 By:
Kim Kardashian: Ready to Mingle in the City!

We will be seeing more of Kim Kardashian as Kim and Kourtney announced that they are taking over NYC.

Kim is currently single for the first time in a very long time and she reveals that she is ready to mingle in the city.

"I never have really given it a shot to be single," Kim told Ryan Seacrest this morning on his radio show. "I tried to play that role, but I really wasn't single. And now, I'm really officially on my own, and I'm in a whole different city."

Kim told Ryan that since she is single a lot of her friends are stepping in and trying to play matchmaker and she's 100% OK with it.

"Everyone is now trying to hook me up," she says. "In a way, since I hate meeting new people and I hate that first-dating thing, it's kind of reassuring to know, 'Okay, this [person] knows them, so maybe they're normal.' "

"I'd be down for some hookups," Kim says.

The good news is that Kim now has two NFL teams to pick from..the Giants and the Jets!